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    Emirates Miles Calculator


    Just fill in the details below to see how many Miles you can earn on an Emirates route, or how many Miles you need to buy a ticket or upgrade with Emirates. Don’t forget to highlight your tier colour so that you can see any bonus Miles earned.

    Please log in and check your Upcoming Travel to see a breakdown of the Miles you will earn on flights you have already booked.

    Please note that the Miles shown in the calculator may differ to the Miles quoted at the time of booking, depending upon your itinerary, which will include carrier-imposed charges and government taxes.

    Calculate Miles

    Reward Type

    flydubai Miles Calculator

    You can earn Skywards Miles and Tier Miles on all flydubai flights. The number of Skywards Miles you earn depends on your destination, fare type, class of travel and membership tier. You can use the Miles Calculator to see how many Miles you’ll earn on your next flydubai flight.

    Simply enter your travel origin and destination below to see how many Miles you can earn on each fare type. Don’t forget to select your Emirates Skywards membership tier to see how many bonus Miles you can earn.

    Learn more about flydubai destinations(Opens an external website in a new tab)

    Calculate miles for flydubai

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