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    Generating Miles wealth couldn't be simpler, and the more Miles you earn, the more rewards and benefits you can enjoy.

    There are two types of Miles in the Emirates Skywards programme, which are valuable in different ways.

    • Skywards Miles can be redeemed for a variety of rewards and can be earned through flights, promotions and partner offers.
    • Tier Miles are collected only when you fly with Emirates and help you reach the next tier of membership to enter a wider world of benefits.

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    How to earn Miles with Emirates

    Skywards Miles

    Every time you fly with Emirates you earn Skywards Miles, even on a special fare.

    The Skywards Miles you earn when flying Emirates are calculated using four basic inputs: route, fare type, class and tier. So you can maximise your Miles income depending on what fare you choose and what class you fly in. Once you reach the Silver tier you also begin to collect additional Miles based on your tier status.

    Click the tabs below for more information.

    Emirates Miles Calculator

    See how many Miles you can earn

    Calculate Miles

    Earning Miles by Route

    • Depends on your origin and destination?
    • Based on easy-to-identify geographic zones

    Earning Miles by Fare

    • The number of Miles you earn depends on the fare type you choose. On Emirates you have a choice of Special, Saver, Flex or Flex Plus. On flydubai you have a choice of Lite, Value Flex or Business.
    • Use the Miles Calculator to check how many Miles you will earn for each fare type on your chosen flight.

    Earning Miles by Class

    Earning Miles by Tiers

    • 25% bonus Skywards Miles for Silver members?
    • 50% bonus Skywards Miles for Gold members?
    • 75% bonus Skywards Miles for Platinum members
    Find out how tiers work

    Tier Miles

    You also earn Tier Miles in addition to Skywards Miles every time you fly with Emirates or flydubai on any fare type. They cannot be spent and are only used to build up your tier status from Blue, through Silver and Gold, to Platinum.

    • You can earn Tier Miles when taking an Emirates or flydubai flight (a flight number starting with EK or FZ).
    • We calculate how many Tier Miles you receive according to route, fare and class.

    Earn Miles with our Partners

    You earn Skywards Miles when you are a customer of one of our global partners, who often offer special seasonal promotions on top of their usual Miles rates. Visit our partners’ pages to find out about their current offers and please remember to quote your membership number when booking so we can credit your Miles account.

    Bring your next getaway even closer

    Earn Skywards Miles for hotel stays at over 400,000 properties worldwide with Rocketmiles.

    Other ways to boost your Skywards Miles

    Our popular features and promotions allow you to increase your frequent flyer Miles income:

    Spending Miles

    Now you know about all the different ways you can easily earn Miles, discover how you can spend them

    Learn more

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Earning Miles

    There are 3 FAQs for Earning Miles.
    • Question

      When will Miles be credited to my account?


      Miles are credited to your account after you’ve physically flown from your origin airport to your destination airport. Read More

    • Question

      Why should I buy a Flex or Flex Plus fare when a cheaper fare is available?


      Our Special and Saver fares are our most affordable fares, but Flex and Flex Plus fares offer extra benefits. Read More

    • Question

      What are the benefits of each of the different membership tiers?


      There are lots of things to look forward to in every tier. Read More

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