Meet & Assist

To make your journey to or from Dubai even easier, why not book marhaba’s exclusive airport Meet & Assist service? From speedy clearance through arrivals or departures to helping with transfers, baggage and family travel, we ensure a swift, smooth and safe passage through the airport.

Book online at 竞彩足球彩票比分直播, or contact Meet & Assist and Lounge Services on Tel. +971 4 389 8989 / E-mail: your email client).

marhaba lounge benefits

These friendly, peaceful oases are the ideal place to relax, eat or catch up with work, in transit or before a flight.
  • Peaceful ambience

  • Wi-Fi

  • Business services

  • International cuisine

  • Hot and cold beverages

The Concourse A lounge also features a dedicated smoking area, VIP room and kids area. When it’s time to board, our priority buggy cars take customers directly to the boarding gate. The Concourse B marhaba lounge is located close to boarding gate B23 at Emirates Terminal 3 and can be accessed via a dedicated elevator. A second marhaba lounge is located close to boarding gate A2 in the brand new Concourse A at Terminal 3 departures. No advance booking is required.

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