Order your favourite drink on board

Let our crew mix you something delicious. Our new range of spirits offer more than 18 cocktails for you to sample – whether you enjoy something light and fresh, a sweet cooler, or a warm and cosy beverage to settle in for your flight.


Economy Class in 3D

Experience our Boeing 777 Economy Class in 3D
  • Inflight entertainment

    Explore up to 3,500 channels. Let our inflight entertainment take you places.
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  • Stay connected in the air

    Our Wi-Fi in the sky service lets you browse social media during your flight, and you can pay to spend more time and do more online.
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  • Young flyers

    Children will love our non-stop entertainment, from cartoons to Disney classics.
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Economy Class benefits

Our Economy Class comes without compromise. Experience a journey in a class of its own.

What's on your flight

Products and services featured on this website may vary according to route and aircraft configuration. Aircraft type may also be subject to last minute changes due to operational requirements.

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