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    As well as flights to over 150 destinations, you can book travel to more than 300 other cities around the world through our partner airlines and on-the-ground travel partners.


    Our codeshare and interline agreements make international travel simple. Booking all of your travel with Emirates gives you peace of mind that your entire itinerary will be guaranteed according to your fare rules – meaning one delayed flight won’t derail your whole journey.

    Make a booking

    To make a booking to a destination beyond the Emirates network, simply search for your desired final destination through our online booking system.

    You can also use the ‘multi-city’ tool to book more complex itineraries, letting you build your own personalised travel plans from start to finish.

    Our airline partners

    Taking you all the way

    Now you can connect to many other cities around the world with our on-the-ground travel partners. From hiring a car from the airport to travelling across Europe by train, our partners will take you where you need to be.

    Deutsche Bahn

    Enjoy complimentary travel on Deutsche Bahn to and from the airport in Germany.

    Learn more about Rail&Fly


    Plan all your rail connections to and from the airport in Milan, Rome and Venice with Trenitalia.

    Learn more about train travel in Italy


    Combine your Emirates flight and a TGV train journey between Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and 19 train stations.

    Learn more about SNCF


    Connect to destinations across Austria with our Rail & Fly partnership with Austrian Railways Company ?BB.

    Learn more about ?BB Opens a new window


    Fly Emirates to or from Madrid or Barcelona and connect to over 25 cities by train with Renfe.

    Learn more about Renfe


    Take things at your own pace and get rewarded. Earn up to 1 Mile for every USD spent.

    Rent a car


    Book tours and attractions and earn 1 Mile for every Euro spent.

    Book a tour

    Dubai Parks and Resorts

    Access exclusive offers at Dubai Parks and Resorts?

    Learn more

    Our Skywards partners

    Our Emirates Skywards members can earn and spend Skywards Miles with a number of travel, retail and lifestyle partners. Check our full list of Emirates Skywards partners.

    Explore our route map and find inspiration for your next trip.


    Make every stay more rewarding. Earn 1 Mile for every Euro spent.

    Book a hotel

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