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    Manage your journey from the palm of your hand


    Use your mobile to plan, book and manage your whole journey when you’re on the move. Go to the emirates.com mobile site to book flights, check in online, choose your seat and more, and in multiple languages.

    Once you’ve checked in, you can save time and paper by downloading your boarding pass to your mobile. Use it instead of the card pass at many airports around the world.

    Find out more about using a mobile boarding pass and Apple Wallet(Opens a popup)

    What you can do on our mobile website

    • Search and book your flights?
      Check our fares and book your flights, just as you would on our normal website.
    • Mobile check-in?
      Check in on your mobile, then choose or change your seat at no extra cost.
    • Download your mobile boarding passYou can use a mobile boarding passes for most flights from selected airports around the world.
      Check in online and download your boarding pass to your mobile.
    • Manage your booking
      Change your flights, upgrade, choose your seat and meal, and book your Chauffeur-drive service.
    • Check your flight status
      Find out when loved ones will arrive or when your flight is due to leave.
    • Our timetable
      See all our flights, routes, connections and timings.
    • Log in to Emirates Skywards
      Check your Skywards Miles and see all your itineraries.
    • Contact us
      Get in touch with our nearest office or our call centre.
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