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    Now there’s another way to make booking your next getaway or business trip more convenient. If you find the fare you want but you’re not ready to book, choose Hold My Fare* to reserve your fare for 72 hours. It won’t be affected by any price changes while you decide.

    So you can take the time to finalise the details of your journey or organise hotel stays with family and friends. You won’t need to worry that your flight will sell out, and you’ll be guaranteed the original fare.

    When you’re ready to book, go to Manage a booking and enter your last name and booking reference. Then all you need to do to complete your booking is choose ‘Pay now’.

    There’s no charge for Hold My Fare as long as you pay for your flight within 72 hours. If you decide not to go ahead with your booking, a small fee will apply. We’ll authorise the fee on your card, but you’ll only be charged if you don’t pay for your flight within 72 hours. Read the Hold My Fare FAQs for more information.

    *Available in the UAE and other selected markets.
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