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    What is our Best Price?


    Our Best Price symbol guarantees our best online fares only at emirates.com/hk. Wherever you see our Best Price symbol you can confidently book your Emirates flight with the assurance that you won’t find a better Emirates fare anywhere else on the web.

    How does it work?

    If you find a better Emirates fare for the same itinerary on another website with the same flight at least USD 20 cheaper, we’ll refund the difference. So wherever you see our Best Price symbol, book on emirates.com immediately to take advantage and claim.

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    How do I claim?

    Terms & Conditions apply.

    1 Book online and pay immediately at emirates.com
    2 Make sure that the lower Emirates fare you have found is on another website where you can book the same Emirates flights.
    3 We cannot consider lower fares found on emirates.com at a later time.
    4 Before midnight of the day of purchase, fill in and submit our online claim form.
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