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    We’ll give you a helping hand when you’re flying with babies or infants, both in the air and on the ground

    At the airport


    When you’re flying with young children, you can skip the queues and go straight to our separate family check-in desks.

    We also make sure families with young children board first, so you can enjoy more time to get your children settled on the plane.

    On board

    We're there every step of the way to give you extra comforts on your journey with your children. You can find out about how we make sure little ones stay entertained on Emirates flights on our Young Flyers page.

    Travel lighter

    At Dubai International airport, families who check in online can unload their bags at our dedicated baggage drop. You can do this between six and 24 hours in advance of your flight to make your family's journey easier.

    Extra baggage allowance for children

    When you fly with babies or infants, you can carry extra checked baggage, more hand luggage, and if there’s space available, one fully collapsible stroller, carry cot or car seat.

    Pick up a baby stroller

    When you’re flying from Dubai International airport with an infant, use one of our complimentary baby strollers to help you travel through the airport. We have twin strollers available too.

    Keeping kids comfortable on board

    When you fly with a baby or infant, you’ll find changing tables in the bathrooms and we’ll give you an infant kit filled with useful essentials, like nappies, bibs and wipes.

    Baby bassinets

    You can request a baby bassinet in the Passenger details section when you make a booking on our website, or by calling your local Emirates office.

    After you make a booking on our website, you can request a baby bassinet in Manage your booking, or, by calling your local Emirates office. Please note bassinets are subject to availability.

    Safe travel for babies and infants

    You can carry an infant under two years old on your lap. We’ll give you a special seat belt extension. If you’re flying with a child over two years old, you'll need to buy a child's fare and they'll have their own seat, or you can bring a baby car seat. You can find out more about the safety regulations for car seats and how our crew can help you fit a baby seat in our FAQ.

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