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    We always aim to meet the dietary requirements of our passengers. That’s why all meals on Emirates-operated flights are Halal certified. And we also offer a selection of meals to suit special medical, dietary and religious requirements.

    Booking special meals

    • All special meals and special meal requests must be booked at least 24 hours in advance of your flight.
    • Children aged two to 12 will automatically receive a Child Meal and infants below two years of age will automatically receive a Baby Meal, unless otherwise specified. A special request is required for Asian vegetarian or Western vegetarian children’s meals.


    Special meal limitations

    • On flights with shorter flying times, some special meals are unavailable in Economy Class.
    • We’re unable to accept requests for specific ingredients and special meal combinations e.g. non-lactose gluten free.


    Nut allergies

    • Nut-free special meals are not available. Nuts are served on all Emirates flights, either as a meal ingredient or as an accompaniment to drinks. Therefore we recommend bringing your own meal on board if you have nut allergies.
    • Other passengers may bring food on board containing nuts, and traces of nut residue oils could be passed onto other surfaces of the aircraft like seats, as well as via the?air conditioning?system.
    • For your safety, if you have nut allergies we recommend discussing your travel plans with your doctor before flying with us.


    Special occasion orders

    • Special occasion orders for cake or champagne can be made on request. Please call your local Emirates office to order at least 48 hours before the flight.


    Religious meals

    Medical and Dietary meals

    Vegetarian meals

    Baby and Child meals

    Other Special meals

    Religious meals

    Indian Vegetarian Meal (AVML)

    This meal is available for vegetarian passengers. It is usually aromatic and spicy, and incorporates flavours from the Indian sub-continent.

    It can contain all types of vegetables, fresh fruit, dried fruits, legumes, dairy products, tofu, cereal, grains and vegetarian gelatine.

    It does NOT contain any type of meat or by-products, fish, shellfish, eggs or animal gelatine.

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    Non-Vegetarian Hindu Meal (HNML)

    This meal is available for passengers who follow Hindu custom. Meals are non-vegetarian and prepared in Indian culinary style.

    It can contain lamb, chicken, fish, eggs, milk, dairy products and cereals.

    It does NOT contain veal, beef or by-products, or raw or smoked fish.

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    Vegetarian Jain Meal (VJML)

    This meal is for members of the Jain community who are pure vegetarians. It is prepared with a selection of Indian condiments.

    It can contain fresh fruit and stem vegetables that grow above the ground.

    It does NOT contain animal products and by-products, seafood, eggs, dairy products, eggplant, cauliflower, broccoli and root vegetables including onions, mushrooms, ginger, garlic, potatoes, carrots, beets, radishes and turmeric.

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    Kosher Meal (KML)

    For passengers who follow Jewish custom. Kosher meals are prepared to comply with Jewish dietary requirements. Passover meals cannot be guaranteed.

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    Medical and Dietary meals

    Bland Meal (BLML)

    This meal is available for passengers who suffer from gastric discomfort. It contains low-fat food items, is non-spicy and has low dietary fibre.

    It can contain grilled lean white meat, fish, cooked vegetables, fruits such as water melon and melons, poached eggs, egg white omelette, low seasoned food, soft bread and low-fat dairy products.

    It does NOT contain garlic, onions, cabbage and cauliflower, spices (such as black pepper or chilli), fried and fatty foods, raw and dried fruits and nuts, citrus fruits, whole grains, raw vegetables, highly seasoned meats, pickles and excess sugar.

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    Diabetic Meal (DBML)

    This is a low-sugar meal for passengers suffering from diabetes (high sugar levels).

    It can contain grilled lean white meat, fish, high fibre foods, wholegrain cereals (brown rice, whole meal pasta, quinoa, barley and cracked wheat (bulgur)), sweet potatoes, boiled or crushed potatoes with skin, vegetables, fresh fruit, low-fat dairy products and diabetic-friendly products such as sugar-free jam.

    It does NOT contain refined sugar (only certain permitted sugar substitutes may be used), processed meats, fried foods, sweetened dairy products, cream-based sauces and canned fruits.

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    Fruit Platter (FPML)

    This meal may be ordered for dietary reasons. It may also be ordered by members of certain communities who eat only fruit while fasting.

    It can contain dried fruit (without sulphites) and seasonal fresh fruit.

    It does NOT contain canned fruit, additives and preservatives.

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    Gluten-Free Meal (GFML)

    This meal is available for passengers who are allergic or intolerant to gluten. This meal does not contain any wheat-based products.

    It can contain gluten-free bread and cakes, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, pulses, salads, fish, lean meats, corn, wheat-free food items such as rice and crackers, potatoes, quinoa and buckwheat.

    It does NOT contain wheat-based breads, sauces, pasta, custard, wafers, crackers, semolina, barley, rye and oats.

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    Low Cholesterol/Low Fat Meal (LFML)

    This meal is available for passengers who need to minimise their intake of fatty foods.

    It can contain olive oil, egg whites, boiled rice, grilled lean meats, fish, wholegrain bread, cereals, fresh fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy.

    It does NOT contain full fat milk, cream, butter, cheese, egg yolks, meats with higher saturated fat content as well as processed meats, fried food, rich desserts and mayonnaise

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    Low Salt Meal (LSML)

    For passengers who suffer from cardiovascular and/or kidney problems

    It can contain salt-free margarine, foods low in sodium and fresh or frozen foods.

    It does NOT contain salty cheese, sauces, dressings, cured and brined meals or canned food, and baking powder and baking soda are restricted in amount.

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    Non-Lactose Meal (NLML)

    This meal may be ordered for those who are allergic or intolerant to milk and milk products, or those suffering from low lactose levels.

    It can contain fruits, vegetables, soy milk, tofu, pasta, rice, pulses, cereals, fish or meat.

    It does NOT contain milk and milk products, breakfast cereals, creamy sauces, dairy-based sauces, soft rolls, croissants or milk chocolates.

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    Vegetarian Meals

    Vegan Meal (VGML)

    This Western style vegetarian meal excludes animal-derived ingredients.

    It can contain all types of vegetables and fresh fruits, legumes, grains, cereals, vegetarian gelatine and tofu.

    It does NOT contain any animal products or by-products such as eggs, dairy products, animal gelatine and honey, or any type of meat or fish.

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    Raw Vegetable Meal (RVML)

    This meal consists of a combination of raw vegetables and fruits.

    It can contain raw vegetables and fruits, salads and vegetable juices.

    It does NOT contain meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs, dairy products, highly processed foods, additives and preservatives.

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    Baby and Child Meals

    Child Meal (CHML)

    This meal may be ordered for children between the ages of two and 12 years. A special request for a vegetarian child meal can be provided only upon contacting Emirates service centre

    It can contain chicken, fish, pasta, vegetables, chocolate, crisps, crackers, milk and dairy products, and fruit and fruit juices.

    It does NOT contain highly seasoned food and rich sauces.

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    Baby Meal (BBML)

    This meal is available on board for infants less than two years old. A standard range of proprietary brands of baby meals are available on Emirates flights. Milk formula is also available, however we encourage parents to carry food familiar to and preferred by their babies.

    Please note that we cannot sterilise bottles or provide sterilised water on board, however bottled water is available.

    It can contain strained food, vegetables and meats.

    It does NOT contain any highly seasoned food, food with fish, wheat, citrus fruits or solid foods.

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    Other Special Meals

    Seafood Meal (SPML)

    For passengers who prefer seafood. This meal can be ordered only in First Class and Business Class.

    It can contain seafood products.

    It does NOT contain any meat products.

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    Champagne (SPML)

    Some of our passengers may wish to celebrate a special occasion on board an Emirates flight (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.). A bottle of champagne can be made available for the occasion. For more information on the ordering process and methods of payment, please contact your nearest Emirates reservations office.

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    Cakes (SPML)

    Some of our passengers may wish to celebrate a special occasion on board an Emirates flight. Celebration cakes can be ordered at the time of booking.

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