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    Help us make sure your flight leaves on time


    When you’re flying with Emirates, checking in for your flight is easy.

    Check in online

    Online check-in is available for most Emirates flights around the world. Mobile boarding passes are available for Emirates flights from selected destinations.

    Check in for your flight on emirates.com up to 48 hours in advance - choose your seat and print your boarding pass or get a mobile boarding pass sent to your phone. 竞彩足球彩票比分直播.

    Check in online

    Checking in at the airport


    90 minutes

    Get to the Emirates check-in counters no later than 90 minutes before your departure time. Emirates' check-in counters open no less than?three hours prior to departure.

    60 minutes

    Once you have checked in, please go through security no later than 60 minutes before your flight departs. If you are holding an eboarding pass and travelling with carry-on bags only, please go directly to security.

    45 minutes

    Make sure you get to your boarding gate on time. Boarding starts 45 minutes before your flight and gates close 20 minutes before departure. If you report late we will not be able to accept you for travel.


    Please allow enough time to get to your flight - be aware that during busy travel periods or at airports with heightened security you may experience longer queues.

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